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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Farm are we?
We are Bee farmers and small crop farmers, including apples. We have 50 hives at this time throughout Northwestern Ohio and sell our honey, bee pollen, and beeswax products at twelve retail and seasonal locations throughout the same area. We provide some delicious honey for your events when renting for an all-day event. Also, our honey is available to purchase by the ounce for events that are not held at our property.
How many guests will the barn hold?

We are an outdoor/indoor facility. That is why our normal season is from March thru November. We have a wall on the barn that fully opens to the outside, and your tables can be blanketed throughout the inside to the outside to gaze under the stars or under a client-provided tent. With this option, we suggest limiting your guest list to 400.

What is your rental fee, and what does it include?
What dates do you have available?

 Available dates are available here.  They are kept up to date.

How do we reserve our date?

A non-refundable save the date payment of $500 will be made and a signed contract will be completed. If you want to save your date thru this website, check your date on the availability calendar and then click the save your date link to go in and pick your date. You will be sent a payment link to your email along with a copy of the contract. Please check your spam account if you don’t see this information in your inbox within 24 hours.


Do we need to schedule or can we just stop by?

Private tours are scheduled for you so that we can give you our undivided attention and are able to answer all your questions. If you would like to schedule a tour right now, please click HERE to fill out our brief survey and pick the option of “Yes, I’ll schedule an appointment now.”

Where can I have my wedding ceremony?

We have several choices on the farm for your Ceremony. You can choose to exchange your vows in the gazebo made from an antique grain silo, in our pine tree clearing, in the shade under the big maple trees, inside the rustic barn or in the apple orchard.

Where can I have my wedding reception?

Wedding receptions can be held inside the rustic wood barn, outside on the lawn (tent is not included in rental), or inside the barn and flowing out thru the movable wall so that your guests can party under the stars.

Are tables & chairs for the reception in the barn included in the rental fee?

We do include 150 white foldable chairs and tables for 150. We do have 150 wooden chairs that can be rented for $2 each to use in addition to the foldable chairs or for just your wedding party or family members.

Is there a dressing room available for the bride and groom?

We currently have a bridal suite for the Bride and her entourage. In the Spring 2023, we will have a 2nd room ready to be used by the groom or the party of your choosing. You can also choose to park a camper in the orchard or book a room at the Holiday Inn right across the street.

When can we rehearse?

You can schedule a 2-hour rehearsal the evening before your wedding or if the barn has been reserved for another event on the day before by another party, you can schedule your rehearsal anytime within that week before your wedding.

What times do we have access to the property on our wedding day?

You are allowed to arrive as early as 10 AM. And all guests must depart by midnight.

Are there hotels nearby?

Yes! We are within 2 minutes of the Holiday Inn and 8 minutes from the Comfort Inn.

Can we get engagement photos at Honey Blossom Orchard?

Couples that have reserved their event are welcome to take their engagement pictures any place on the farm or in the barn. In the summer we will have sunflowers , wildflowers, crops and blooming apple trees at different times and will try to let the brides know thru our facebook page when things are starting to bloom so you can set up your photo shoot. In the winter, there are a few really wonderful places like in the middle of the pine tree clearing to snap your save the date pics.

Are children allowed on the premises?

We welcome children, but all children under the age of 16 should be supervised at all times by an adult due to the nature of the property and because it is a working farm.

Is the barn air-conditioned or heated?

Our historic barn was built in the early 1900’s – We have 3 types of heating that can be used. We are installing a whole barn fan on the 2nd floor of the barn that will work to pull all the heat out of the barn for your event. We also have a portable air conditioner in the kitchen/bar area and one in the brides room. You are welcome to bring in fans if you wish.

Can we add additional decorations to the barn?

Yes, we love to see how each couple transforms the barn to fit their own unique style. In an effort to keep a natural rustic atmosphere the following items cannot be thrown, released or scattered outside or in the barn: balloons, fireworks, party poppers, potpourri, silly string, sequins, glitter, artificial flower petals or artificial leaves. Options to consider for outside would be bird seed, real flower petals, sparklers, eco friendly wedding confetti, bubbles or dried lavender or other type of dried flowers,

Do you have any catering requirements?

No, but keep in mind that we do not have any cooking equipment on site. We do allow warming equipment such as roasters, crockpots and sterno under chafing dishes. Outside food trucks can be used as well as outside smokers, or open pit grilled chicken. Brookview Farms does grill chicken on site if the order is large enough. We also do have a plug in for a food truck so that they don’t have to use their generator.

Can we supply our own food?

Yes. Please see the information above about cooking equipment.

What are your requirements for alcohol and the bar?

We do allow alcohol in accordance with state and local laws. You are welcome to bring in your own alcohol – we do not have a liquor license so no cash bar is permitted, it must be an open bar. Additionally, you need to have someone who is 21 and responsible to not serve underage persons.

Will there be staff on site during my event?

Not at this time. We are however always available by phone. Please note, we are not wedding planners or coordinators but will try to help you the best we can with anything. If you are interested in wedding planners please check our preferred suppliers list that is available during your tour or thru email.

Are candles permitted?

Open flame Candles are not permitted due to fire and safety concerns.

Are fireworks, or sky lanterns permitted?

No fireworks or sky lanterns are permitted due to safety and fire concerns and out of respect for our neighbors.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not allowed in the barn, this includes vaping/e-cigarettes. Smoking is permitted 50 ft from the outside of the barn and all smoking waste/litter must be properly disposed of in designated receptacles. We do have a fire alarm system in the barn and any type of smoke could set off the alarms.

Do you allow dogs onsite to play a part in our wedding day?


Can vehicles be left overnight?

Yes! We want everyone to stay safe. All cars must be removed from the property by 10am the following day

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